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DermRight will always recommend the best treatment option for a cutaneous malignancies, which in most cases is surgical removal. If surgical removal is chosen, DermRight will collaborate with the Referring Provider / Primary Care Provider and /or any Dermatology office to ensure the skin cancer gets removed.


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If surgical removal is not an option for the patient, DermRight has the ability to utilize a revolutionary device which offers an FDA approved, NON-SURGICAL Radio Frequency (RF) treatment option for basal cell carcinomas, the world's most common skin cancer!


If you are not a good candidate for Mohs surgery or do not want to go through another all day surgery, or your not able to physically go into a dermatology office, then maybe one of our  alternative treatments are for you, such as a radiofrequency treatment (RF).  With this device, only the cancerous cells are treated, leaving the healthy skin cells behind to regenerate and naturally repair themselves for an great cosmetic outcome! Other effective treatment options include:

  • Cryosurgery

  • Simple excisions 

  • FDA approved oral medications

  • Topical medications

  • Intralesional injections

RF Treatment May be an alternative option for some people
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